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Welcome, everyone, to the new year – 2022 – the year of blessings. I would like to wish you a happy new year and thank you for your fruitful generosity in 2021 since I embarked on this God-Given journey with you all. I stand here strong knowing that you have got my back, as I am serving and changing the lives of these homeless children and orphans in Malawi.

Today, most of my population are the street homeless children that I am working with within Lilongwe. Out of the 75 homeless children, 15 of them are going to school while living in the streets. When I return to Malawi this year, I will rent them home so that they can be safe and focus on their education.

That me standing in front of the kids during our summer camp program

I started supporting these kids about four years ago, and most of them are now in elementary schools, doing as well as other students. Some are now in high school working so hard. Isn’t that beautiful? All this has been made possible because of you and your prayers. I always thank God for your friendship. I also thank God that schools have started again after another difficult year.

In my last newsletter, I shared a story about Moses Thengeza who came as a refugee to Malawi from Burundi. At the age of seven, he was abandoned by his mother whom he has never seen. The young boy lived in the streets for seven years, facing many challenges. Imagine being sexually harassed and abused at seven years old while living without food and a home. But now that’s history! After I began to support his educational and physical needs, I have seen Moses grow into a smart boy. He just started his high school education this month at one of the boarding schools in town! Now he is off the streets, focusing on his education and the importance of God who he has come to know as his Lord and Savior. There are a lot of kids that have amazing stories, and you are the ones making the difference in their lives today.
Moses Ready for School

This school semester I have registered fifteen kids to go back to school, and all of them are street homeless kids. These kids are why I am here asking for help on behalf of them and why this year I am going back to Malawi to serve them. I have faith that my mission is going to serve more children and bring them to God, our creator, too. This work blows my mind all the time, and I am challenged to give all I must to change their lives. I have eight high school kids (grades 9-10) and 7 kids that are in elementary school (grades 4-7).

His name is Francis age 13. He is in grade 5 and he likes Mathematics. He has been in street for 3 years now. He lost all his parents when he was 9 years. His name is Davie Mandevu. He is an orphan and he has been in the streets for 8 years. Now he is in grade 10.

I would like to thank you so much for all your support and for being a true friend in Jesus Christ. You are indeed the feet and the hands of Jesus Christ. Be safe and keep in touch!

Hamilton Douglas Banda
Executive Director, Life Coaching

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