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Why 3 Young Girls Were Living in the Streets of Malawi

Dear Friends,
A couple of weeks ago we opened the doors again for our kids living homeless in Lilongwe, Malawi, after having severe rains that have affected a lot of people in the country. The number of kids living in the streets homeless is still increasing due to so many factors, such as poverty, as it is the biggest problem in the nation. Therefore, our street outreach programs act as a beacon of hope and holistic transformation to these boys and girls who are orphans and homeless in the city of Lilongwe by providing them a place where they can be kids, play games, eat nutritious food, and get some basic needs like soap and clothes. For most of them, it is their first opportunity to talk about their fears and goals.
Games during Afterschool program
As a ministry, we put God first in everything we do because we want these kids to grow with the love of God since we believe that without God in our lives we cannot change to be transformed human beings. That’s why our goal is to teach these kids while they are young to know God in their lives. My job is to serve these children better with a loving heart from the Father, as I believe that God has put me in this place to be their earthly father.
Last Saturday we had three wonderful girls come to our program. They had been living homeless in the streets of Lilongwe for two weeks. They are so young – ages 8-10. As you are reading this, I know you are probably confused like “Why are they not home now? Where are their parents? Are they related to each other? Why in the streets? Where do they sleep and where do they get their food?” All those questions are so important.
 Naomi, Malita, and Ruth
These girls are Naomi, Malita, and Ruth (pictured from right to left). They are not related to one another, not even from the same village, but they developed a sisterhood within two weeks of meeting each other in the streets. They all shared the same story of having a single mother who took them into the streets to beg for money and find food. But their mothers now do not even take care of them. They told my coworker, his name? that they had been abused a couple of times, had no source of food and also slept on a bare floor without beddings. But they said they would like to go to school and change their stories and be able to help others too. As I was hearing this on the phone, I was moved and asked “How can I help?”
I believe that “What these kids need is more than good policies and programs. They need parents-people, adults, who will remember their names, celebrate their birthdays, know their favorite colors, and enjoy taking them to the swings. Children flourish when loved, and love takes people.” (From Greg W. Burch’s book, “Community Children: A Ministry of Hope and Restoration for the Street Dwelling Child.”)I would love to give Naomi, Malita, and Ruth the same opportunity I had to leave the streets – to have the necessities of life, to get an education, and to work hard to make a difference in the lives of others.
I’m sharing this with you today as the Lord has placed their special story on my heart to bring life, joy, and love to these children. Please pray for our ministry and consider donating to enable us to help these three girls and many others.
Thanks for your continued support of Life Coaching Ministries.
Hamilton Douglas Banda
Executive Director, Life Coaching Ministries
Phone: 609-792-1131

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