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The Need for Safe Homes and Temporary Shelter

As in many Sub-Saharan countries, the issue of orphan-care has risen to the top of the social protection agenda in Malawi, where the prevalence of orphaned children has dramatically increased because of early deaths of parents infected by the HIV/AIDS virus and Poverty.

In Malawi, most orphans, whether in rural or urban areas, live in households of the surviving parent or close relatives, not in institutional homes. This means that orphan-related policy and/or public assistance programs have to operate, not directly with the orphaned children themselves, but through the agency of the household unit they live in. Understanding the state of orphaned children living in these households is therefore important for policy.

As a ministry, our target is for those kids living homeless and orphans in the city of Lilongwe, Malawi. We therefore believes that every child deserves a home that allows them to grow and learn, becoming all God designed them to be. Our homes exist to bridge the gap by providing a safe environment, adequate food and resources thrive as well as spiritual discipleship. We help kids that are homeless by giving them a place where they call home. We have 8 boys and 8 girls that have been recued from the streets of lilongwe, Malawi.


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